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What is AWNY?

Founded in 1912, Advertising Women of New York's (AWNY) mission is to provide a forum for personal and professional growth; to serve as a catalyst for the advancement of women in the communication field; and to promote and support philanthropic endeavors through the AWNY Foundation. The professional organization’s membership now stands at over 1600 and is comprised of both men and women. Membership ranges from senior level executives to those just beginning their career. The organization’s programming and resources are geared to illuminate current industry trends and strategies and enhance networking and career skills at all levels. To learn more please visit us at

What is AWNY’s purpose or mission?

Founded in 1912, Advertising Women of New York's (AWNY) mission is to empower women in our industry to achieve personal and professional fulfillment at each stage of their careers. Membership now stands at nearly 1,700 and ranges from senior level executives to those just beginning their career... Read more >>

Who are AWNY Members?

AWNY members are professionals active in the advertising, marketing, media, digital, promotion, and public relations industries. Most members live and work in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and the organization is also open to those who live outside of this area. Introducing AWNY’s Leadership Team>>

Can men join AWNY?

Yes, AWNY is open to both women and men, and offers the same services and benefits to all members.

What types of memberships are available?

AWNY offers a variety of membership levels to serve the needs of members living in the tri-state area and beyond, including Young Executive Memberships for executives under 30, as well as Executive Membership for senior-level professionals. View Membership Categories>>

How much does it cost to be an AWNY Member?

Resident Members pay annual dues of $125/year and a one-time initiation fee of $100. Young Executives under 30 and Non-Resident Members pay lesser dues, while Supporting Members pay higher dues. View Membership Categories>>

What benefits do I receive when I join AWNY?

AWNY is a great place to meet and interact with the best and the brightest – at one of our events or committee meetings or through this website where you can share social media connections in your Member Profile, and trumpet your successes in our Member News. Here are some of our “Members Only” benefits>>

Tell me more about AWNY Events.

AWNY hosts more than 40 events per year, both large and intimate. AWNY events aim to enhance career skills, celebrate outstanding individuals, and illuminate current industry trends. These programs attract top-ranking media, marketing and advertising personalities as presenters, and are sponsored by major corporations. They provide valuable networking opportunities for AWNY members. View Event Calendar>>

Can I attend an event without being an AWNY Member?

Most events are open to both members and non-members, although we encourage you to join AWNY to receive the benefit of member rates. View Event Calendar>>

How can my company sponsor an AWNY program or event?

Corporate sponsorship is a key way industry professionals can support AWNY’s mission, programs and events. Our corporate sponsors have included: AdweekMedia, AMC Networks, Bloomberg, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MailOnline, Meredith, The New York Times, OWN, Redbook, SONY, Time,Inc., Time Warner Cable Entertainment, Twitter, The Washington Post, WebMD, and Yahoo!, among others.
For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please inquire here

What can I do to support AWNY’s mission?

AWNY’s mission is furthered by its members’ active volunteer participation in AWNY committees and initiatives. All of AWNY’s programs and events originate from a committee or initiative and are organized by members. More about Committees & Initiatives>>

What is the AWNY Foundation?

The AWNY Foundation is the charitable arm of AWNY, dedicated to supporting organizations that cater to the needs of women and children in the New York area and to awarding scholarships to selected colleges and universities. For more information and to donate>>

What are the benefits of volunteering my time on an AWNY committee?

Volunteering time as an active member of an AWNY committee gives AWNY members the opportunity to give back to the industry while expanding their network of professional connections. In addition, being an AWNY committee member can help you acquire new skills or enhance your current skill set. More about AWNY Committees>>

How can I maximize AWNY’s networking opportunities?

AWNY offers members opportunities for face-to-face networking by attending events and by being active on committees. It also offers members opportunities to network with other members online – through the Community area of this website, and by adding social media connections to their member profiles. Visit our Community>>

How can a member network by using the COMMUNITY area of the website?

The Community area of the website gives members the opportunity to keep up-to-date on Member News and AWNY News, as well as search the Membership Directory for other members. It also offers easy access to each member’s private “My AWNY” portal to manage her own Member Profile and social media connections. Visit our Community>>

What is "My AWNY?"

My AWNY is a member's private, password protected area of the website. It offers an AWNY member the opportunity to:

  • Manage and update her Member Profile, email and password.
  • Choose to add Website, Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube connections to her profile.
  • Easily access the AWNY Membership Directory to search for and contact other members.
  • Post her professional accomplishments to Member News.
  • View and print out membership and event receipts.
Access "My AWNY">>